Colouring and Filtering Scotch Whisky

Examples of various shades of scotch whisky without caramel colour There are few practices in the whisky world that are met with with more derision and ire than the addition of caramel colour (e150a), and chill filtration.  Many whisky bottlings now proudly display “natural colour” or “non-chill filtered” on the labels.  This begs the questions, … Continue reading Colouring and Filtering Scotch Whisky

Whisky Musings #5 – Blair Athol 19 (Cadenhead Small Batch)

Milestone episode #5!  Hurray! For this one I wanted to do something a little more unusual and obscure, and to that end let's look a bottle from Cadenhead's independent bottlers in Edinburgh, Scotland:   Blair Athol 19 Year (Cadenhead’s Small Batch)(Highlands) - 54.5% ABV Colour: Pinot Grigio Nose: Dry, grassy, hay.  Subdued fruit notes … Continue reading Whisky Musings #5 – Blair Athol 19 (Cadenhead Small Batch)

Whisky Interlude #2: The Tastings Continue…

Here we go again!  Christmas gift part 2... Another scotch tasting, this time for “Scotch Enthusiasts”. Going into this tasting I was hoping for a little more of a… challenge?  I suppose?  At least from a malt-selection perspective.  I’m all for reasonable, accessible, and readily available single malts, but from time to time I also … Continue reading Whisky Interlude #2: The Tastings Continue…

Whisky Musings #4 – Aultmore 12

This installment takes us to the Speyside region, and the relatively under-appreciated distillery of Aultmore.  Enjoy! Colour: Pale Straw Nose: Like a Hawaiian vacation in a glass… Heavy tropical fruits.  Citrus, pineapple and banana immediately.  Light vanilla and oakiness follow underneath.   Palate: Sweet, but not dessert-malt level.  The tropical fruit is still predominant, … Continue reading Whisky Musings #4 – Aultmore 12

Whisky Musings #3 – Oban 14 Year Old

The third Green Malt whisky review takes us to the west coast of Scotland with the highland malt Oban 14.  Enjoy!

Oban 14 Year Old: Redux…

I posted a written version of the Oban review over at, and I thought I would post it up here as well, cuz... why not? Oban is a town and distillery I had the opportunity to visit, and I found that the town and the spirit had a remarkably similar quality. Like the malt, … Continue reading Oban 14 Year Old: Redux…

Whisky Interlude: An Evening with the Highlands

A gift that requires me to drink Scotch?  Well, there’s worse things in life… I attended a tasting class hosted by the Summerhill location of the LCBO here in Toronto, which was focused on on Highland single malts.  They host a number of these events, scheduled by season, and focusing on topics related to wine, beer, … Continue reading Whisky Interlude: An Evening with the Highlands