Whisky Musings – Deanston 10 PX finish review

Deanston 10 PX Finish – 57.5% ABV – $79.95 (LCBO)

Ok, I’ll up be up front with this one… It’s probably not going to be to everyone’s taste, but it’s definitely in the wheelhouse of my palate.  It’s a BIG sherry influence, and if you don’t like that or you don’t like sweeter whiskies, this is not going to be for you!


Anyway, some brief tasting thoughts:

Nose: Big sherry character. Sweet for sure, but a musty, mushroomy character pervades as well. Toffee, vanilla, chocolate, and a hint of cinnamon spiciness.

Taste: Rich, syrupy and unquestionably sweet. Big punch of sherry influence immediately. Sweet dried fruits on the arrival (dates, figs and sultana raisins) give way on the development as the sweetness fades. An almondy nuttiness, slight cinnamon and baking spice, and a pleasant cereal undertone.

Finish: Medium-short for the strength of the whisky. Still punchy, nutty and slightly spicy, but significantly less sweet than the initial arrival. Not its finest attribute, but not bad.

Score: 87/100


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