Last of the 12 Year Blends – Johnnie Walker Black Review

The Classic

Here we are, finally, at the last of the four 12 year old blends that form this review series and it’s arguably the granddaddy of them all: Johnnie Walker Black Label.

We began by discussing Duncan Taylor 12, then (a second Duncan Taylor release) Black Bull 12, and, most recently, the obscurely-named Syndicate 58/6.

I’ve enjoyed all of the blends to this point, to varying degrees and for different reasons, but now we stack them against a scotch that most of the whisky drinking world will be familiar with.  Johnnie Walker Black Label also happens to be the whisky that really got me hooked on scotch initially, so it will always hold a special place in my heart (or perhaps, more accurately, my liver).

With that being said, I don’t find myself drinking Black Label much these days.  How does it hold up to the previous 3 blends, with my slight-more refined palate?

Let’s see!


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