Whisk(e)y Musings – Powers 12 John’s Lane Review

Powers 12 John’s Lane (Irish - Pot Still) - 46% ABV Well here we go… My first Irish whiskey review!  I’ve generally enjoyed the history of Irish whiskey far more than the actual product, as I’ve tended to find them pleasant, but a little too uncomplicated to hold my interest for long.  That, however, is … Continue reading Whisk(e)y Musings – Powers 12 John’s Lane Review

The Green Malt

The Green Malt… A malt that’s only just begun to germinate, just begun its journey to fermentation.  I kinda liked the imagery and comparison to how I feel about my own adventures in the wide world of whisky. I’m not that far removed from pouring bar rail schlock over ice and actually hoping not to … Continue reading The Green Malt